Nova Vita Providing Vitamin Infusions at 2020 McAllen Marathon

MCALLEN, Texas — Clinical staff with Nova Vita Wellness Center will be in attendance for both race days at the 2020 McAllen Marathon Scott Crane Memorial Run offering vitamin infusion therapy.  Nova Vita is among the sponsors of the race. It is also the first and only vendor to supply vitamin infusions for preparation and…
Nova Vita Wellness Center in Edinburg TX

Psychiatrist Shows Titrated IV Ketamine Can Stop Suicidality

Source: Lori Calabrese, M.D., LLC. Lori Calabrese, M.D., at Innovative Psychiatry in South Windsor, Connecticut has published data on the use of IV Ketamine infusions, with monitored dosing, to stop suicidal thoughts and the need for patient hospitalization. Dr. Calabrese’s data comes from comparing the charts of 231 patients with depression and other co-occurring disorders […]
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A Brighter Outlook with Ketamine

David B. just wanted his old self back. “I used to be a pretty happy, engaged guy,” David said. “I haven’t had any serious trauma since then or anything. Just with time and the struggles of life, I became depressed at some point.” Unfortunately, the antidepressants David was taking were making things worse. He’d even […]
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Ketamine tied to remission from suicidal ideation

Report of 235 cases deemed largest series to date on impact of infusions By M. Alexander Otto Clinical Psychiatry News REPORTING FROM APA 2019 SAN FRANCISCO – Serial ketamine infusions eliminated suicidal ideation in more than two-thirds of patients at a psychiatry office in Connecticut but at significantly higher doses than those recently approved for Janssen’s […]
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Highlight: Ketamine: A New (and Faster) Path to Treating Depression

The most commonly used antidepressants are largely variations on a theme; they increase the supply within synapses of a class of neurotransmitters believed to play a role in depression. While these drugs relieve depression for some, there is a weeks-long delay before they take effect, and some people with “treatment-resistant” depression do not respond at all.
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Safety and efficacy of repeated-dose intravenous ketamine for treatment-resistant depression.

Ketamine elicited minimal positive psychotic symptoms. Three patients experienced significant but transient dissociative symptoms. Side effects during and after each ketamine infusion were generally mild. The response criterion was met by nine patients after the first infusion as well as after the sixth infusion. The mean (SD) reduction in MADRS scores after the sixth infusion was 85% (12%). Postketamine, eight of nine patients relapsed, on average, 19 days after the sixth infusion (range 6 days-45 days). One patient remained antidepressant-free with minimal depressive symptoms for >3 months.
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