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Glutamine And Its Full Body Benefits

Glutamine is an important amino acid which has full body benefits by playing a role in many functions including intestinal health, immune system health, and serving as a building block of protein. Glutamine is found in many foods and is naturally produced by the body. However, some people may need additional glutamine for optimal health. […]

Mental Health a Growing Concern in Post-Pandemic World

With more than 60% of eligible adults in the United States partially vaccinated, the reality of a post-pandemic world may feel like it is slowly drawing near—yet experts warn that its long-term effects, especially mental health, are a growing concern. Not too long ago, hospitals running out of beds in their Intensive Care Units is […]
High angle shot of a young sportswoman drinking water outdoors

Hydration Station: Why Your Body Needs Water and Plenty of It

People are focusing on their overall health, exercise routines, eating habits, and listening to the needs of their body more important than ever—yet the importance of hydration and drinking plenty of water is often overlooked. At its core, hydration is the replacement of body fluids lost through sweating, exhaling, and elimination. Hydration is equally important […]
Bearded young man with headache and hangover lying on sofa after party.

About Last Night…Hangover Causes and Cures

If alcohol is a part of your lifestyle, you may be familiar with the feeling of a hangover the next day—a sign of one drink too many the night before. Excessive consumption of alcohol is without a doubt one of the main causes of a hangover, yet there can be other contributing factors which determine […]
single brain neuron with glowing electric impulse isolated on a blue background

Ketamine Works Wonders by Rewiring Your Brain

Ketamine is becoming quite the buzzword among psychiatrists and researchers alike who are exploring innovative treatment options for mental health conditions and chronic pain. While the use of ketamine for mood disorders is relatively new, the drug itself is not. The FDA developed and approved ketamine as an anesthetic in 1962. Its use in clinical […]
A patient speaks with the Nova Vita Wellness Centers clinical director about IV Vitamin Infusions and what to expect.

IV Vitamin Infusions: What to Expect

Intravenous (IV) Vitamin Infusions, also known as IV Vitamin Therapy, are growing in popularity for their range of benefits for boosting the immune system, alleviating fatigue and muscle pain, and promoting overall health and wellbeing. For anyone that has never received a vitamin infusion before, the concept may seem a bit strange or even daunting […]
Woman with generalized anxiety disorder in her home.

Generalized Anxiety Disorder: Ketamine as Treatment

Generalized Anxiety Disorder is characterized by persistent and excessive worry about a variety of issues, according to the Anxiety & Depression Association of America. People with Generalized Anxiety Disorder may be overly concerned about money, health, family, work, or other issues. Individuals often find it difficult to control their worry or may expect the worst […]
Happy young woman standing in kitchen and holding glass of detox juice. Cheerful girl drinking healthy smoothie at home. Beautiful smiling woman drinking green vegetable smoothie.

Cleanse Your Body, Cleanse Your Mind

Doing a “cleanse” is sometimes seen as a trend, yet to truly benefit your body a cleanse involves more than several bottles of juice as your body and your mind can still be affected by toxins if your liver gets overworked. The liver plays an important role in several functions of the body, primarily aiding […]

Ketamine for Chronic Pain: How it Works

Ketamine, developed more than 50 years ago as a replacement for phencyclidine as a dissociative anesthetic, is the center of attention in various clinical trials for other applications. Studies are finding ketamine to be successful in treating mood disorders, PTSD, as well as moderate to severe acute and chronic pain. The various success stories involving […]

Common Signs and Symptoms of Vitamin Deficiencies

Everyone knows it is important to incorporate a well-balanced diet full of vitamins and nutrients for a healthy lifestyle—yet the impact from a lack of certain nutrients can have drastic and sometimes painful physical symptoms. These symptoms are the human body’s way of communicating the lack of vitamins and minerals it needs to function properly. […]