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Category: Vitamin

Food for gut health.

How to Improve Gut Health, Impact on Wellbeing

Gut health describes the function and balance of bacteria of the many parts of the gastrointestinal tract. In a perfect world, organs such as the stomach, intestines and esophagus work together so that people are able to eat and digest food without discomfort. However that’s not the case for the nearly 70 million people in […]

How Vitamin Infusions Can Boost Athletic Performance

Athletes and exercise enthusiasts often utilize natural supplements to optimize performance and recovery. When used appropriately, supplements can help fight against fatigue, free radical formation, oxidative stress, enhance energy metabolism and aid with recovery. Unfortunately, individuals must take several supplements at varying doses to gain their full benefits and potential. Furthermore, oral administration of these […]
A woman holds her sleeve up after receiving a vitamin injection.

How Vitamin Injections Work and Their Benefits

Vitamin injections, sometimes referred to as vitamin booster shots, are known for their health benefits, high absorption rates, and minimal side effects. Vitamin injections first gained popularity with the benefits of Vitamin B12 for its role in metabolism. The effects and treatment of Vitamin B12 deficiency occurred in distinct research phases for more than a […]

Staying Safe in the Heat: Tips And Tricks

Deaths and illness related to high temperatures are preventable, yet more than 600 people die from extreme heat every year. It is important that you take extra steps to stay cool and remain hydrated. If your body overheats you are more susceptible to becoming sick if your body can’t properly cool you off. Nova Vita […]

Glutamine And Its Full Body Benefits

Glutamine is an important amino acid which has full body benefits by playing a role in many functions including intestinal health, immune system health, and serving as a building block of protein. Glutamine is found in many foods and is naturally produced by the body. However, some people may need additional glutamine for optimal health. […]
High angle shot of a young sportswoman drinking water outdoors

Hydration Station: Why Your Body Needs Water and Plenty of It

People are focusing on their overall health, exercise routines, eating habits, and listening to the needs of their body more important than ever—yet the importance of hydration and drinking plenty of water is often overlooked. At its core, hydration is the replacement of body fluids lost through sweating, exhaling, and elimination. Hydration is equally important […]
Bearded young man with headache and hangover lying on sofa after party.

About Last Night…Hangover Causes and Cures

If alcohol is a part of your lifestyle, you may be familiar with the feeling of a hangover the next day—a sign of one drink too many the night before. Excessive consumption of alcohol is without a doubt one of the main causes of a hangover, yet there can be other contributing factors which determine […]
A patient speaks with the Nova Vita Wellness Centers clinical director about IV Vitamin Infusions and what to expect.

IV Vitamin Infusions: What to Expect

Intravenous (IV) Vitamin Infusions, also known as IV Vitamin Therapy, are growing in popularity for their range of benefits for boosting the immune system, alleviating fatigue and muscle pain, and promoting overall health and wellbeing. For anyone that has never received a vitamin infusion before, the concept may seem a bit strange or even daunting […]