Many vitamin, mineral, and amino supplements are not fully absorbed when taken orally. An intravenous (IV) infusion ensures for 100% bioavailability, meaning that the contents of the infusion are completely absorbed into the body.
At Nova Vita, we offer ketamine infusions which are used to treat major depressive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, chronic pain, chronic migraines, and fibromyalgia.

Additionally, we have a wide selection of vitamin infusions for healthy living, peak performance & recovery, weight loss, prenatal care, and more.
Our treatments are extremely safe. Placing an IV is a routine procedure for our healthcare staff and our treatments are backed by the latest advances in evidence-based neuroscience. Furthermore, our vitamin cocktails were developed in collaboration with a licensed nutritionist, pharmacist, psychiatrist, and anesthetist to ensure that the cocktails are safe and effective for their intended use.
We regularly provide services for busy professionals, tireless moms, athletes, performers, teachers, first responders, and veterans. An initial assessment and medical history will be gathered prior to the first infusion to determine eligibility.
Each cocktail is tailored to maximum benefit. Please consult our healthcare staff for more information about the contents of each infusion. A full list of the benefits can be found by visiting our IV Vitamin Infusion page.
How often you should do IV therapy varies from patient to patient. The drips can be given as a one-off treatment either before or after an event. A patient undergoing a customized IV therapy for cancer or auto-immune treatments can receive drips up to three times a week while a healthy person may require IV therapy just once or twice a month.
Wear comfortable clothing. You may bring a portable device to listen to music or read during your vitamin infusion. We also have music, movies, and Netflix streaming available in our vitamin infusion rooms for your convenience.
For ketamine treatments:
  • Refrain from solid food or milk products at least 4 hours prior to treatment.
  • Food and beverages are not permitted during treatment.
  • Turn off all devices during treatment.
  • You may bring a pillow and blanket.
  • No reading or watching movies during your treatment.
  • No narcotics on the day of the treatment. Take normal medications as prescribed.
  • No unnecessary talking during the treatment.
You may experience redness and/or soreness at the sight of the iv placement. There is a small risk of bruising, bleeding, dizziness, fainting, and infection. A full list of potential side effects and risks for ketamine infusion will be provided to you prior to or at the time of consultation with our healthcare staff.
Nova Vita is the first and only ketamine infusion center in Hidalgo County and surrounding areas. We bring many decades of clinical experience and an excellent clinical reputation amongst the community.

Our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Peyton Thompson is a Family Practice specialist and Board-Certified Psychiatrist based in Texas. He served as Chief Medical Officer for Little River Healthcare, Little River Healthcare Cameron Hospital, and is affiliated with Scott & White Memorial Hospital in Central Texas.

Our Clinical Director, Jorge Alvarez is a board-certified anesthetist with over 12 years of experience in anesthesia administration across multiple clinical settings and specialties. He is a highly proficient clinician with additional experience in clinical leadership, contract development, and healthcare management. Jorge currently serves as the Chief CRNA at a local surgery center and as Founder and CEO of Nova Vita Wellness Centers.

With a dedicated staff Nova Vita seeks to to enhance wellness by infusing uniquely crafted treatments that align anatomical systems which result in an improved quality of life for clients and their families.
Our infusions generally take around 45 minutes. New customers should allow an extra 15 minutes for the first visit to complete a consultation and an assessment with our healthcare staff.
Our staff will closely advise patients on billing, payment, financing options, and the possibility of insurance reimbursement. At this time, there are select cases that may be reimbursable through insurance. The basic limitation to insurance reimbursement now is that ketamine infusion therapy has not been approved by the FDA. The use of ketamine to treat for major depressive disorder, PTSD, and chronic pain is currently considered off-label. Health insurance companies traditionally will elect to deny coverage for ketamine treatments, therefore patients should be aware that reimbursement through an insurance carrier is unlikely. We advise you to check first with your insurance carrier and then consult with our staff to discuss alternative payment options.
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