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Why Nova Vita Wellness Center?

Nova Vita is the first and only Ketamine infusion center in Hidalgo County and the surrounding areas. We bring many decades of clinical experience and an excellent clinical reputation amongst the community.

Our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Peyton Thompson is a Family Practice specialist and Board-Certified Psychiatrist based in Texas. He served as Chief Medical Officer for Little River Healthcare, Little River Healthcare Cameron Hospital, and is affiliated with Scott & White Memorial Hospital in Central Texas.

Our Clinical Director, Jorge Alvarez is a board-certified anesthetist with over 12 years of experience in anesthesia administration across multiple clinical settings and specialties. He is a highly proficient clinician with additional experience in clinical leadership, contract development, and healthcare management. Jorge currently serves as the Chief CRNA at a local surgery center and as Founder and CEO of Nova Vita Wellness Centers.

Vitamin IV Infusions

Many vitamin, mineral, and amino supplements are not fully absorbed when taken orally. An intravenous (IV) infusion ensures for 100% bioavailability, meaning that the contents of the infusion are completely absorbed into the body.Additionally, as each IV therapy is specially formulated to provide targeted benefits and address individual needs, our patients are able to choose the infusion that best meets their requirements, whether it be to optimize their health or address specific health concerns and deficiencies.
Depending on the treatment and the overall health of the individual, results may be felt immediately or following a series of infusions.It is important to note that the process of optimizing health is a journey, and while some may not feel immediate results, it does not mean that the therapy is not beneficial. For example, a boosted immune system or healthier organ function may only become noticeable by the reduced duration and severity of future illnesses.
The duration of benefits varies by the individual, but for most people the noticeable benefits last a few days, while the underlying health benefits continue for 1-2 weeks.
Our treatments are extremely safe. Placing an IV is a routine procedure for our healthcare staff and our treatments are backed by the latest advances in evidence-based neuroscience. Furthermore, our vitamin therapies were developed in collaboration with a licensed nutritionist, pharmacist, psychiatrist, and anesthetist to ensure that the infusions are effective for their intended use.
We regularly provide services for busy professionals, tireless moms, athletes, performers, teachers, first responders, and veterans. An initial assessment and medical history will be gathered prior to the first infusion to determine eligibility.Nearly everyone can benefit from IV Vitamin Therapy, and our highly skilled infusion experts will answer any concerns you may have.
There are no special preparations needed in advance of receiving IV therapy, though we suggest you wear comfortable clothing. You may bring a portable device to listen to music or read during your vitamin infusion, and we also have music and movies available.
While everyone responds differently to pain, most of our patients report the experience to be completely painless. To help reduce the initial sensation of connecting to the IV, a topical numbing agent is applied to the skin to help alleviate any discomfort.
Unfortunately, insurance companies do not typically cover IV therapy.
While it is highly recommended to have any appointment to reduce waiting times, Nova Vita Wellness Centers gladly accepts walk-in patients.

Vitamin Boosters

Boosters provide immediate absorption of select vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants the promote health and wellbeing. Our boosters are available as a shot or as a supplement to our IV Vitamin therapies.
While this varies by the individual, the effects are typically most noticeable within 24-48 hours.
Yes, all of our booster can be safely combined.
This is the recommended method for taking boosters as some of the benefits from the boosters can be amplified if taken together and make a more lasting effect.
While we all have different needs and requirements, booster shots (taken independently of an IV drip) can typically be taken once to twice a week for maximum benefit.

Vitamin IV Membership

The IV Vitamin Therapy Membership is designed for those that want to take a proactive approach to their health and wellbeing from the inside out. Research has shown that the benefits of vitamin therapy are best recognized if sustained over a period of time. Optimizing your health is a journey, and benefits to your immune system, energy levels, physical appearance, and overall wellness are strengthened over time.
Our membership program includes two Wellness IV Infusions per month (not including Premium Drips), two vitamin boosters per month, and one free Friend Pass per month. In addition, members receive a 30% discount on additional drips and boosters for themselves and up to 1 guest per month.Best of all, at our introductory rate of $150 per month, our membership program can help you start saving from your next infusion!
Memberships are non-transferrable and cannot be shared, but you can use your Friend Pass to bring a first-time guest to receive a Wellness IV Infusion of their choosing. Furthermore, you can apply your 30% discount to one guest per month applicable to all IV Vitamin Therapies and boosters.
Membership terms are a minimum of 3 months and can extended on a month-to-month basis. While membership fees are subject to change without notice, members that commit to a 6-month or 12-month terms will not be subject to price increases during the term of their membership.
The Friend Pass program was designed to provide members the ability to invite first-time guests to Nova Vita Wellness Centers to experience one of our Wellness IV Infusions. Friend passes are non-transferrable and can only be used once per guest.

Ketamine Therapy

Ketamine infusion therapy has been proven to redevelop the neural pathways in your brain that have been damaged by debilitating mental health or chronic pain conditions.Ketamine causes an increase in neurotransmitters like glutamate that help to build new pathways in the brain, improving function in areas of mood, sleep, and more.Ketamine is different from other medications in that it triggers reactions in the cortex that enables brain connections to regrow. This allows for long-term effects that last even when the ketamine is no longer in your system.
Ketamine is a new, fast-acting therapy for those with treatment-resistant unipolar and bipolar depression, anxiety, OCD, PTSD, suicidal drive and chronic pain.
Ketamine is an FDA-approved medicine that has been widely used in the medical field for over 50 years as an anesthetic. Ketamine for depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, PTSD and chronic pain is a newer, off-label use.When evidence shows medicines to be helpful in treating conditions other than what they were originally approved for, it is considered off-label. This is a very common practice – currently, more than 1 in 5 outpatient prescriptions written in the US are off-label.
Prior to starting your ketamine therapy, you will need to undergo a consultation with a member of our clinical team to ensure that ketamine treatment is appropriate.A full course of treatment is 6 sessions over a period of 10-14 days. The cost of treatment is dependent on a number of factors, including the duration of treatment selected, whether your insurance will be able to support a partial claim, and eligibility for discount (e.g. veterans or first responders). Please contact us for a no-obligation telephone consultation to learn more.
If deemed appropriate, treatment can begin immediately following the consultation.To reduce the risk of nausea, we ask that you refrain from solid food or milk products at least 4 hours prior to treatment. Food and beverages are not permitted during treatment.The treatment is most effective when there is no distraction. As such, we ask that all personal devices are switched off and you refrain from reading, watching movies, etc.To help you relax, please feel free to bring a personal pillow or blanket to your infusion.
You may experience redness and/or soreness at the sight of the IV placement. There is a small risk of bruising, bleeding, dizziness, fainting, and infection. A full list of potential side effects and risks for ketamine infusion will be provided to you prior to or at the time of consultation with our healthcare staff.Many patients feel tired or groggy immediately after the infusion. While this is temporary, we strongly urge patients not to drive their vehicles following treatment. Nova Vita Wellness Centers provides complimentary transportation to your home after each infusion upon request.
For mood disorder patients, some will begin to feel better within 1 hour of their first infusion. Patients with thoughts of hopelessness, self-harm or suicidal ideation often notice those thoughts and feelings dissipate first, and almost completely. Other patients may not notice any improvement in mood until after completing a full course of treatment, which is a series of 6 infusions.Some patients require more infusions and more time following their infusions before feeling significant relief. It is important to note that the results of ketamine can be sudden and dramatic, but they are often not. It is more common for patients to see gradual, subtle improvement that increases over time. Sometimes function improves before mood does.
Yes. Many clinical trials have produced results that were positive in about 70% of participants. Although we cannot guarantee any particular outcome, the success of ketamine therapy as practiced in hundreds of clinics across the country have been very positive.
If you are receiving treatment for a mood disorder, you will receive 6 infusions over a period of 2-3 weeks. Afterwards, booster infusions may be provided on an as-needed basis for maintenance. It is not unusual for patients to enjoy six months of relief or longer.Pain patients receive six, 3-4-hour long infusions over 2 weeks. Boosters may be administered on an as-needed basis for typically 3-4 hours long per session.
Some patients experience long term relief after only one series of infusions, whereas others find that the ketamine infusions positively affects the impact of antidepressants, cognitive behavioral therapy, or other lifestyle changes.If ketamine is found to be the best solution for the individual, they may require booster infusions from time to time. Follow up or “booster” infusions are provided on an as-needed basis. In some cases, the duration between boosters can be increased as the ketamine helps the brain restore its neural pathways.
Low-dose ketamine is administered for 60 minutes. During the infusion, many patients report a dissociative effect, with increased sensitivity to light and sound and an altered perception of time. This effect is usually experienced as pleasant and interesting, though in some cases it can be considered uncomfortable, in which case medications can be administered to immediately relieve or eliminate the discomfort.The effects rapidly go away within 30 minutes of the infusion. There are no lingering effects and the patients are able to go home immediately after the 30-minute post-treatment period. Nova Vita Wellness Centers provides free transportation home upon request following the treatment.
We ask that you do not eat at least four hours before an appointment to decrease the risk of feeling nauseous during treatment. Some water may be ok, but an empty stomach is generally recommended.
You do not need to bring anyone with you, but we strongly advise you do not drive a car until the following morning. To ensure you get home safely, Nova Vita Wellness Centers provides complimentary transportation back to your home following your infusion.
Please let us know all the medications you are currently taking. While there are very few medications with any known interaction with ketamine, it may be advisable to skip a dose of certain medicines that may reduce your response to ketamine.
We accept all major credit cards and debit cards. We also offer affordable financing through Advance Care.
Our staff will closely advise patients on billing, payment, financing options, and the possibility of insurance reimbursement. At this time, there are select cases that may be reimbursable through insurance, though this reimbursement may apply to only a portion of the of the cost. We will provide a sample billing statement with procedure codes that you can share with your insurer ahead of treatment to check if they will reimburse you.
Yes, you can receive low-interest financing through Advance Care to cover all procedure costs.