Vitamin Membership

Membership Features

(Grand Opening Rate)

$149.99 / Month

$169.99 / Month

2 vitamin drips per month*

2 vitamin boosters per month

30% discount on additional drips & boosters

12 free vitamin drip friend passes per year. 1 per month*

*If your friend signs up for a membership then you will retain your monthly friend pass, and you get a 50% off coupon for one full price vitamin drip. Members have to be physically present when friend pass is utilized. Premium drips are not included in membership (i.e. NAD+).

Membership Savings

    Move the slider to see how much you'll save based on drip price.

    $99 x 2 (free drips)
    $30 x 2 (free boosters)
    $99 x 1 (free drip for a friend)
    Total savings per month:

    Plus 30% off additional drips & boosters!

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