Nova Vita Wellness Centers Announce New Enhanced 9 Infusions

Nova Vita Wellness Centers, whose parent company is Intiva Health, is revamping its infusion services to benefit personal health needs optimization. The health and wellness company offers vitamin infusions, ketamine therapy, and other alternative treatment plans for holistic health and longevity care.

After years of experience customizing treatment plans for each of their clients, Nova Vita has the expertise of identifying the needs of their patients and delivering transformational results. Nova Vita’s experienced healthcare professionals have listened to each client’s health goals and necessities and tailored a new line that checks all the boxes. The Enhanced 9 Infusion offerings take the guesswork out of infusion options and make designing a wellness journey based on each client’s needs an easy and personable experience.

The Enhanced 9 Infusions consolidated its offerings to ensure a more effective quality infusion with the most vital vitamins and minerals for each patient’s wellness journey. One of the new standout infusions is the Slim&Skin, offering the perfect combination of vitamins and minerals to look your best. The infusion focuses on building beauty from the inside out. The vitamin infusion supports lean muscle growth while strengthening skin, hair, and nail health. Other infusions include Hydrate, Nourish, and Defense. From travel stress to dehydration to muscle pain, Nova Vita’s Enhanced 9 Infusion targets specific health needs and supplies the body with everything it needs to function at its best.

Nova Vita’s advanced vitamin infusions make personalized treatments easy and effective, no matter where each patient is on their wellness journey. Each Vitamin Infusion provides the body with essential vitamins and minerals that help the body perform, elevate, and recover from whatever life throws you.

About Nova Vita Wellness Centers

Nova Vita is a specialized health and wellness center, dedicated to bridging the gap traditional medicine left behind through the recovery, optimization and integrity of a person’s physical and mental health through evidence-based advances in neuroscience and customized wellness solutions. Nova Vita offers dozens of IV vitamin infusion therapies, ketamine infusion therapy, and additional services tailored to the individual patient. Nova Vita opened their second Texas location just outside of Austin in 2021, doubled their wellness service offerings, and has plans for additional locations in Florida, Utah, Arizona, Illinois, and Nevada.