Nova Vita Promotions

TBI Awareness Month : 30% Off NAD+ Infusions

In support of TBI Awareness Month, receive 30% off NAD+ infusions that studies have shows benefits for DNA repair post injury. Reduce symptoms and heal faster. 

Offer ends 3/31. 

National Kidney Month: $40 Saline Infusions

Give your kidneys a much needed refresher with an infusion of Saline. Hydrate without drinking gallons of water!

Offer ends 3/31. 

In support of Doctor's Day : $50 Off Infusions

Doctors need a little TLC as well. Come in and receive $50 off the infusion of your choice to relax, rejuvenate, or bounce back from the germs you are surrounded by each day. Good for the whole month, one day is not enough for all you do!

Offer ends 3/31.

Teacher Reward Card.

Show proof of your teaching credentials and recieve a reward card. The reward card provides you with 10%, 20% and 30% off any service exluding labs, semigultide, and memberships. Then recieve a FREE GIFT!