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Known as the fountain of youth, NAD+ is one of the most sought-after anti-aging supplements available today.


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30% OFF Defense Infusions

The Defense Infusion improves immune health and mental clarity using a cocktail of essential vitamins and nutrients that boost the body’s white blood cell count. The solution is specifically designed to combat common illnesses such as the cold, allergies, and food poisoning, as well as prevent the same illnesses from emerging.


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20% OFF Ketamine Treatment

Ketamine therapy provides fast and effective relief for a wide range of mood disorders and chronic pain.


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30% OFF High-Vitamin-C

Receive the key to healthy immunity with the High Vitamin-C drip. Research has consistently shown vitamin-C offers a host of health benefits including alleviation of inflammation, supporting the immune system in its fight against disease, reduction in oxidative stress, mood enhancement, and collagen production (skin repair).


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